School profile

The Sisters of Daughters of the Cross put up St Paul's Nursery with 100 children in 1912. The new building was inaugurated by Lady Car Michael, the wife of the then Governor of Bengal and blessed by Reverend Father P Hipp SJ, the then parish Priest. The glorious journey that began then is still continuing to minister to the educational needs of our ever changing society. Situated on 68 Diamond Harbour Road, the huge double door gate open onto a long drive way with a sprawling playground (rare in the city) on a right border flanked by three majestic three storey blocks. Inspired by the ideals of " Joy and Hope" set up by the Foundress of the Congregation Mother Marie Therese, the School has been marching to its progress surmounting obstacles with

indomitable devotedness nd ceaseless efforts. The nursery school started growing steadily though at a slow pace. Eventually in 1973 the school grew into a high school for boys and the first batch of the students wrote the I.C.S.E examination in December 1974. That marked the beginning of St.paul's boarding and Day School coming into focus. With full zest and keenness the boys upheld the banner of St.Paul's in all sphere --- be it academic, sports, cultural activities and community service.


However in 1991 there was a transition when the banner of St.Paul's was passed over to the girls. The last batch of boys wrote the I.C.S.E Examination in 2000. That did not mean their loss of connection with the alma mater, for now we find the daughters and even, grand daughters of the ex-students occupying a portion of the 'Admission Register'. Isn't it a pleasant co-incidence for two generations and sometimes perhaps three sharing their experience in St.Paul's. hence, the boys are still members of the paulite family. Yet another feather was added when in 2001, the school was upgraded to the Higher Secondary status and the firsr batch of girls wrote their I.S.C Examinatio in 2003. In St.Paul's education promotes the total growth of a child, so as to help her grow into an integrated person. The institution strives to help her to become a matured spiritually oriented woman, to help a sound body and right attitude, to cultivate the intellect and assimilate the culture of her own country and to appreciate all cultures of other nations. Animated by the spirit of love, the students are motivated to bring about the liberation of every person especially the weak, the poor, the handicapped, the depressed and rejects of the society. It has been the endeavour to awaken social consciousness, a spirit of availability and ready service at all times and in every sphere of life.


Now the school has the National Open School Stream for the weaker students and the Vocation Training Stream to help the rehabilitation of the under-priviledged girls of the neighbourhood. There has always been an endeavour to awaken the social consciousness and respect the value of society --- "Be A Light" wherever there is darkness, is the motto of St.Paul's Boarding and Day School. God Bless St.Paul's.

68, Diamond Harbour Road

Kolkata- 700 023